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Movies with Imogen Poots

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Comes a Bright Day

Genres: Romance

Year: 2012

Country: Unknown

Director: Simon Aboud

Starring: Timothy Spall, Josef Altin, Geoff Bell, Kevin McKidd, Imogen Poots, Philip Harvey, Johnny Lynch

Available Quality: DivX, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 5.5

A romantic thriller set during the armed robbery of one of London's most exclusive jewelers.


A Late Quartet

Genres: Drama

Year: 2012

Country: USA

Director: Yaron Zilberman

Starring: Christopher Walken, Wallace Shawn, Catherine Keener, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Imogen Poots, Kevin Cannon, Mark Ivanir

Available Quality: DivX, Hi Def, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 6.5

After a classical string quartet's 25 years of success, Peter, the cellist and oldest member, decides that he must retire when he learns he has Parkinson's Disease. For the others, that announcement proves a catalyst for letting their hidden resentments come to the surface while the married members' daughter has disruptive desires of her own. All this threatens to tear the group apart even as they are famous for playing Beethoven's String Quartet No. 14, opus 131, a piece that is played non-stop no matter how life interferes.


Fright Night

Genres: Comedy, Horror

Year: 2011

Country: USA, India

Director: Craig Gillespie

Starring: Chris Sarandon, Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Will Denton, Imogen Poots, Toni Collette, Lisa Loeb

Available Quality: DivX, Hi Def, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 6.6

A remake of the 1985 original, teenager Charley Brewster (Yelchin) guesses that his new neighbor Jerry Dandrige (Farrell) is a vampire responsible for a string of recent deaths. When no one he knows believes him, he enlists Peter Vincent (Tennant), a self proclaimed vampire killer and Las Vegas magician, to help him take down Jerry.


Waking Madison

Genres: Drama

Year: 2010

Country: USA

Director: Katherine Brooks

Starring: Alec Rayme, Elisabeth Shue, Frances Conroy, Taryn Manning, Will Patton, Sarah Roemer, McKinley Freeman

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 5.2

A woman suffering from multiple personality disorder tries to piece back together her life.



Genres: Thriller, Drama

Year: 2010

Country: UK

Director: Hideo Nakata

Starring: Imogen Poots, Nicholas Gleaves, Daniel Kaluuya, Jacob Anderson, Aaron Johnson, Michelle Fairley, Matthew Beard

Available Quality: DivX, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 5.1

A group of teenagers encourage each other's bad behavior.


Christopher and His Kind

Genres: Drama

Year: 2010

Country: UK

Director: Geoffrey Sax

Starring: Lindsay Duncan, Toby Jones, Imogen Poots, Will Kemp, Matt Smith, Iddo Goldberg, Douglas Booth

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 6.7

In 1931 budding author Christopher Isherwood goes to Berlin at the invitation of his friend W. H. Auden for the gay sex that abounds in the city. Whilst working as an English teacher his housemates include bewigged old queen Gerald Hamilton and would-be actress Jean Ross,who sings tunelessly in a seedy cabaret club. They and others he meets get put into his stories. After a fling with sexy rent boy Caspar he falls for street sweeper Heinz,paying medical bills for the boy's sickly mother, to the disapproval of her other son,Nazi Gerhardt. With Fascism rapidly rising Christopher returns to London with Heinz but is unable to prevent his return t...


Solitary Man

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Year: 2009

Country: USA

Director: Brian Koppelman, David Levien

Starring: Richard Schiff, Danny DeVito, Michael Douglas, Susan Sarandon, Mary-Louise Parker, Imogen Poots, Jesse Eisenberg

Available Quality: DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 6.5

A car magnate watches his personal and professional life hit the skids because of his business and romantic indiscretions.HD 1080p PC, Mac, PS3 and XBOX 360 COMPATIBLE


28 Weeks Later

Genres: Action, Thriller, Horror

Year: 2007

Country: UK, Spain

Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Starring: Robert Carlyle, Harold Perrineau, Idris Elba, Rose Byrne, Catherine McCormack, Amanda Walker, Shahid Ahmed

Available Quality: Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 7

Seven months after the rage virus has annihilated Great Britiain, the US army declares that the war against infection has been won, and that the reconstruction of the country can begin. In the first wave of returning refugees, a family is reunited--but one of them unwillingly carries a terrible secret. The virus is not yet dead, and this time, it is more dangerous than ever...HD 1080p PC, Mac, PS3 and XBOX 360 COMPATIBLE


Me and Orson Welles

Genres: Drama

Year: 2008

Country: USA, UK

Director: Richard Linklater

Starring: Zac Efron, Patrick Kennedy, Claire Danes, Kelly Reilly, Ben Chaplin, Eddie Marsan, Leo Bill

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 6.9

In November 1937, high school student and aspiring thespian Richard Samuels takes a day trip into New York City. There, he meets and begins a casual friendship with Gretta Adler, their friendship based on a shared love and goal of a profession in the creative arts. But also on this trip, Richard stumbles across the Mercury Theatre and meets, who, based on an impromptu audition, offers Richard an acting job as Lucius in his modern retelling of Julius Caesar, which includes such stalwart Mercury Theatre players as Joseph Cottenand, George Coulouris. Despite others with official roles as producer John Houseman, this production belongs to Welles,...



Genres: Drama

Year: 2009

Country: UK, Ireland

Director: Jordan Scott

Starring: Eva Green, Imogen Poots, Juno Temple, Helen Norton, Sinéad Cusack, Barbara Adair, María Valverde

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Within the confines of a strict, all-girls English boarding school (circa 1930s), a clique students participate on the swim team not only to pass the time, but to be close to their swimming instructor, the enigmatic, yet charismatic, Miss G (Eva Green). While Miss G originally encourages their idolization and crack (crush) on her, the teachers attention is quickly focused on the arrival of an exotic and beautiful Spanish foreign pupil, Fiamma (María Valverde). As the new girl rebuffs her classmates, and further rejects Miss Gs interest, her teammates begin to grow jealous of Miss Gs fascination with Fiamma, and resent the latters distain of ...

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