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Movies with Jack Gordon

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The Devil's Business

Genres: Horror

Year: 2012

Country: UK

Director: Sean Hogan

Starring: Jack Gordon, Jonathan Hansler, Billy Clarke, Harry Miller

Available Quality: DivX

IMDB Rating: 4.8

Writer-director Sean Hogan makes his feature debut with this smart, capable, low-budget British horror, providing a lesson in doing more with less, and creating a scary atmosphere with just a couple of guys arguing tensely in an empty house. Some silly prosthetic makeup effects finally take it over the top, but not before Hogan has delivered some chills. Billy Clarke and Jack Gordon give nice performances as Pinner and Cully, two hitmen sent to an eerie, deserted house to kill a former business associate of their employer. One killer is an old hand; the other is a nervy youngster. Their victim is due to return from a night out at the opera ju...


Panic Button

Genres: Thriller, Horror

Year: 2011

Country: UK

Director: Chris Crow

Starring: Jack Gordon, Michael Jibson, Scarlett Alice Johnson, Sarah Parks, Elen Rhys, Joshua Richards, Vern Raye

Available Quality: DivX

IMDB Rating: 5.2

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It's a Wonderful Afterlife

Genres: Comedy, Horror

Year: 2010

Country: UK

Director: Gurinder Chadha

Starring: Jack Gordon, Shaheen Khan, Mark Addy, Steve Morphew, Lalita Ahmed, Steve Jones, Shabana Azmi

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 5

A comedy centered on an Indian mother who takes her obsession with marriage into the world of serial murder.



Genres: Horror, Drama

Year: 2009

Country: UK

Director: Philip Ridley

Starring: Jack Gordon, Timothy Spall, Jim Sturgess, Justin Salinger, Eddie Marsan, Ruth Sheen, Nicholas Tennant

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 6

Jamie Morgan, a young man with a large heart-shaped birthmark on his face, discovers that there are demons on the streets of East London.


Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Genres: Crime, Thriller, Horror

Year: 2009

Country: USA

Director: Declan O'Brien

Starring: Jack Gordon, Tom Frederic, Tamer Hassan, Gil Kolirin, Chucky Venice, Jake Curran, Mike Straub

Available Quality: DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 4.4

Well, it doesn't waste any time: the opening sequence of Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead gets cracking with an eyeball-popping sequence of gory horror that signals the carnage-fest to come. (And the term eyeball-popping is meant to be taken quite literally here.) This sequel in the crazed-inbred-hillbilly franchise places a group of hardened prisoners, and a few guards, in the midst of foresty mayhem, along with the lone survivor of the opening attack on river-rafting teens (Janet Montgomery). So after the first few minutes the entire film takes place at night in a thick forest, which leads to visual monotony despite the periodic attacks from ins...

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