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Movies with Lee Van Cleef

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Code Name: Wild Geese

Genres: Action, War

Year: 1984

Country: Italy, West Germany

Director: Antonio Margheriti

Starring: Ernest Borgnine, Mimsy Farmer, Lee Van Cleef, Klaus Kinski, Thomas Danneberg, Lewis Collins, Manfred Lehmann

Available Quality: Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 4.8

Commander Robin Wesley, leader of a group of mercenaries, go to the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia to overthrow the dictator, who is a major manufacturer and dealer of the world's opium.


Kansas City Confidential

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Year: 1952

Country: USA

Director: Phil Karlson

Starring: Neville Brand, Don Orlando, Jack Elam, Lee Van Cleef, John Payne, Howard Negley, Carleton Young

Available Quality: DivX, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 7.5

A down-on-his-luck ex-GI finds himself framed for an armored car robbery. When he's finally released for lack of evidence--after having been beaten up and tortured by the police--he sets out to discover who set him up, and why. The trail leads him into Mexico and a web of hired killers and corrupt cops.


The Conqueror

Genres: Action, Adventure, Romance

Year: 1956

Country: USA

Director: Dick Powell

Starring: John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Ted de Corsia, Thomas Gomez, Agnes Moorehead, Lee Van Cleef, Leo Gordon

Available Quality: Hi Def, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 2.8

In ancient times, the Mongolian warlord Temujin must do battle against the rival tribe that killed his father. The battles pale in comparison with Temujin's home life, as he attempts to woo the heart of the red-haired Tartar prisoner Bortai whom he has captured in a raid. He must also deal with various intrigues within his palace. Eventually, Bortai falls to his manly charms, Temujin defeats his enemies within and without, and is crowned Genghis Khan.


Beyond The Law (1968)

Genres: Western

Year: 1968

Country: Italy, West Germany

Director: Giorgio Stegani

Starring: Bud Spencer, Lionel Stander, Lee Van Cleef, Günther Stoll, Romano Puppo, Herbert Fux, Enzo Fiermonte

Available Quality: DivX

IMDB Rating: 6.1

A thief takes the job as a town sheriff in order to rob a silver shipment before his ex-partner can grab it.


A Man Alone

Genres: Western

Year: 1955

Country: USA

Director: Ray Milland

Starring: Ray Milland, Mary Murphy, Ward Bond, Thomas Browne Henry, Arthur Space, Lee Van Cleef, Raymond Burr

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 6.4

A gunfighter, stranded in the desert, comes across the aftermath of a stage robbery, in which all the passengers were killed. He takes one of the horses to ride to town to report the massacre, but finds himself accused of it. He also finds himself accused of the murder of the local banker, and winds up hiding in the basement of a house where the local sheriff, who is very sick, lives with his daughter.


The Lonely Man

Genres: Western

Year: 1957

Country: USA

Director: Henry Levin

Starring: Claude Akins, Neville Brand, Denver Pyle, Anthony Perkins, Jack Palance, Robert Middleton, Elisha Cook Jr.

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Gunslinger Jacob Wade finds his long-abandoned son Riley, now a young man who hates his father but has nowhere else to go. Hoping to settle down, Jacob finds no town will have him. They end at Monolith, the ranch of Jacob's former girlfriend Ada, to whom he had no intention of returning. A mustang hunt finds Riley himself attracted to the shapely Ada...and Jacob having trouble with his eyesight. And his visions of a quiet life are doomed by the re-appearance of enemies from his past...


The Big Combo

Genres: Crime, Thriller, Drama

Year: 1955

Country: USA

Director: Joseph H. Lewis

Starring: Earl Holliman, Ted de Corsia, Whit Bissell, Robert Middleton, Roy Gordon, Richard Conte, Lee Van Cleef

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Police Lt. Diamond is told to close his surveillance of suspected mob boss Mr. Brown because it's costing the department too much money with no results. Diamond makes one last attempt to uncover evidence against Brown by going to Brown's girlfriend, Susan Lowell.


The Young Lions

Genres: Action, Drama, War

Year: 1958

Country: USA

Director: Edward Dmytryk

Starring: Montgomery Clift, Marlon Brando, Maximilian Schell, Hope Lange, Parley Baer, Barbara Rush, Dean Martin

Available Quality: DivX, DVD, iPod

IMDB Rating: 7.3

The destiny of three soldiers during World War II. The German officer Christian Diestl approves less and less of the war. Jewish-American Noah Ackerman deals with anti-Semitism at home and in the army while entertainer Michael Whiteacre transforms from playboy to hero.


The Bravados

Genres: Western

Year: 1958

Country: USA

Director: Henry King

Starring: Stephen Boyd, Barry Coe, Ken Scott, Albert Salmi, Henry Silva, Gregory Peck, Herbert Rudley

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 7

Jim Douglas has been relentlessly pursuing the four outlaws who murdered his wife, but finds them in jail about to be hanged. While he waits to witness their execution, they escape; and the townspeople enlist Douglas' aid to recapture them.


Mean Frank And Crazy Tony

Genres: Comedy, Crime

Year: 1973

Country: Italy, France

Director: Michele Lupo

Starring: Tony Lo Bianco, Steffen Zacharias, Jean Rochefort, Nello Pazzafini, Lee Van Cleef, Fausto Tozzi, Edwige Fenech

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 5.7

There's trouble in Frankie Diomede's criminal empire in Genoa. A French gangster has moved into Frankie's territory, so Frankie flies home to take care of business. He promptly has himself arrested so that he'll have the perfect alibi when his top local associate dies, but then Frankie's life gets complicated: his enemies have enough juice to keep him in prison for awhile, his associates and allies are killed one at a time, and attempts on his life start. Help comes from an unlikely source: Tony Breda, a wannabe wiseguy who's a Milanese raised in Hoboken. Tony designs a plan to spring Frankie from jail, and then all roads lead to Marseilles. ...


The Magnificent Seven Ride!

Genres: Western

Year: 1972

Country: USA

Director: George McCowan

Starring: William Lucking, Gary Busey, Ed Lauter, James Sikking, Ralph Waite, Darrell Larson, Stefanie Powers

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 5.4

Marshal Chris Adams turns down a friend's request to help stop the depredations of a gang of Mexican bandits. When his wife is killed by bank robbers and his friend is killed capturing the last thief, Chris feels obligated to take up his friend's cause and recruits a writer and five prisoners to destroy the desperadoes.


Death Rides a Horse aka As Man to Man

Genres: Action, Western

Year: 1967

Country: Italy

Director: Giulio Petroni

Starring: Mario Brega, Anthony Dawson, Lee Van Cleef, John Phillip Law, Luigi Pistilli, José Torres, Franco Balducci

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 7.1

As a child, Bill witnesses the murder of his family by four robbers. Fifteen years later, he embarks on his revenge. During his quest, he crosses paths with Ryan, an ex-con who wants the money the robbers owe him.



Genres: Western

Year: 1969

Country: Italy

Director: Gianfranco Parolini

Starring: Lee Van Cleef, Ignazio Spalla, Aldo Canti, Gianni Rizzo, Antonio Gradoli, Luciano Pigozzi, William Berger

Available Quality: DVD, iPod

IMDB Rating: 6.8

Several pillars of society have robbed an Army safe containing $100,000 so they can buy the land upon which the coming railroad will be built. But they haven't reckoned on the presence of the master gunslinger, Sabata.


For a Few Dollars More

Genres: Action, Adventure, Western

Year: 1965

Country: Italy, Spain, West Germany

Director: Sergio Leone

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Joseph Egger, Benito Stefanelli, Aldo Sambrell, Lee Van Cleef, Klaus Kinski, Gian Maria Volonté

Available Quality: DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 8.3

Two bounty hunters are after the same man, Indio. At first, they go their own ways, but eventually get together to try and find him. But are they after him for the same reason ?


The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Genres: Adventure, Western

Year: 1966

Country: Italy, Spain, West Germany

Director: Sergio Leone

Starring: Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Benito Stefanelli, Lee Van Cleef, John Bartha, Luigi Pistilli, Aldo Giuffrè

Available Quality: DVD, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 9

Blondie (The Good) is a professional gunslinger who is out trying to earn a few dollars. Angel Eyes (The Bad) is a hit man who always commits to a task and sees it through, as long as he is payed to do so. And Tuco (The Ugly) is a wanted outlaw trying to take care of his own hide. Tuco and Blondie share a partnership together making money off Tuco's bounty, but when Blondie unties the partnership, Tuco tries to hunt down Blondie. When Blondie and Tuco comes across a horse carriage loaded with dead bodies, they soon learn from the only survivor (Bill Carson) that he and a few other men have buried a stash of gold in a cemetery. Unfortunately C...


The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

Genres: Horror, Sci-Fi

Year: 1953

Country: USA

Director: Eugène Lourié

Starring: Michael Fox, Kenneth Tobey, Steve Brodie, Alvin Greenman, Lee Van Cleef, Cecil Kellaway, Frank Ferguson

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 6.6

As a result of an arctic nuclear test, a carnivorous dinosaur thaws out and starts making its way down the east coast of North America. Professor Tom Nesbitt, only witness to the beast's existence, is not believed, even when he identifies it as a "rhedosaurus" to paleontologist Thurgood Elson. All doubts disappear, however, when Elson is swallowed whole during an oceanic bathysphere excursion to search for the creature. Soon thereafter the rhedosaurus emerges from the sea and lays waste to Manhattan Island until Nesbitt comes up with a plan to try to stop the seemingly indestructible beast.


High Noon

Genres: Drama, Western

Year: 1952

Country: USA

Director: Fred Zinnemann

Starring: Thomas Mitchell, Gary Cooper, Lon Chaney Jr., Harry Morgan, Lloyd Bridges, Katy Jurado, Harry Shannon

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 8.2

On the day he gets married and hangs up his badge, lawman Will Kane is told that a man he sent to prison years before, Frank Miller, is returning on the noon train to exact his revenge. Having initially decided to leave with his new spouse, Will decides he must go back and face Miller. However, when he seeks the help of the townspeople he has protected for so long, they turn their backs on him. It seems Kane may have to face Miller alone, as well as the rest of Miller's gang, who are waiting for him at the station...


Escape from New York

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

Year: 1981

Country: USA, UK

Director: John Carpenter

Starring: Donald Pleasence, Kurt Russell, Adrienne Barbeau, Ernest Borgnine, Harry Dean Stanton, Isaac Hayes, John Cothran Jr.

Available Quality: DivX, Hi Def, iPod, Hi Def

IMDB Rating: 7.1

A thrilling landmark film that jolts along at a breakneck pace, Escape From New York leapt to cult status with high-octane action, edge-of-your-seat suspense and a mind-blowing vision of a lone warrior (Kurt Russell) battling his way out of a post-apocalyptic Manhattan! Hailed as "stylish and scary" (Los Angeles Times), "dark and dangerous" (Newsweek) and "" (Tyler Morning Telegraph), this fast-paced and furiously entertaining thriller grabs you by the throat and won't let go! In a world ravaged by crime, the entire island of Manhattan has been converted to a walled prison where brutal prisoners roam. But when the U.S. Preside...


The Octagon

Genres: Action

Year: 1980

Country: USA

Director: Eric Karson

Starring: Larry D. Mann, Art Hindle, Brian Libby, Richard Norton, Ken Gibbel, Lee Van Cleef, Chuck Norris

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 4.7

Scott's life is plagued by two kinds of flashbacks. First are the childhood memories of the rigorous training he and a friend endured under a martial arts master. The second is of a mission Scott went on that ended with him watching his friend get murdered. Scott later becomes drawn closer to a vicious crime ring known as The Octagon. As he gets closer to the truth, Scott learns that these may be the men that murdered his friend so long ago.


Return of Sabata

Genres: Western

Year: 1971

Country: Italy, West Germany, France

Director: Gianfranco Parolini

Starring: Franco Fantasia, Steffen Zacharias, Lee Van Cleef, Giampiero Albertini, Ignazio Spalla, Aldo Canti, Vassili Karis

Available Quality: DivX, iPod

IMDB Rating: 5.6

Master gunslinger Sabata arrives in Hobsonville, a town completely owned by McIntock, a robber baron who is taxing the inhabitants for the cost of future improvements to the town. Or that's what McIntock says he'll do with the money...

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